Kids/Children Dentistry - Pediatric Dentistry

Children Dentistry or Pediatric Dentistry

We specialize in Painless Dentistry and our doctors are experts in dealing with variety of problems in different age groups of children.

Kids/Children Dentistry - Pediatric Dentistry in Eluru

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We deal Decayed teeth, Pulp Therapy/Root Canal Treatment, Teeth Cleaning/Scaling, Teeth Bleaching, Crowns/Caps, Orthodontics, Tooth Removal/Extraction, Space Maintainers, Frenectomy, Surgical exposure of unerupted teeth, Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentistry for children, Teeth Injury/Trauma, Topical Fluorides, Pit & fissure Sealants/Dental Sealant, Managing Special Children, Conscious Sedation and General Anaesthesia in different age groups of children.

Decayed teeth:

Decayed/Caries teeth Can Be Filled/restored with variety of Materials like Glass Ionomer Cement, Composite. Our Clinic is Amalgam free, so we don’t use Silver Amalgam Filling Material.

Pulp Therapy/Root Canal Treatment

A common assumption about the baby teeth is that since they are going to fall out eventually, there's no reason to save them. The primary teeth play a role that goes beyond simply waiting for the permanent teeth to erupt.

When the nerve or pulp tissue of a primary tooth is infected, it needs to be treated to prevent a dental abscess and loss of the tooth. The two methods of treating infected dental nerve tissue are the Pulpotomy and Pulpectomy. The ultimate objective of these procedures is to save the tooth, so that it will maintain the integrity and function of the dental arch. Usually, baby teeth have shorter roots that are meant to be eventually resorbed. The resorption of the roots allows the teeth to fall out and be replaced by the permanent ones. Since the roots of baby teeth should be resorbed, a Pulpectomy procedure typically uses a material that can be absorbed to fill in the empty canal area.

Following RCT, capping of the tooth is recommended so that the structural integrity is maintained until its exfoliation.

Teeth Cleaning/Scaling

If you have healthy gums, the tissue will fit tightly around the tooth and keep plaque/bacteria out. However, if gum disease begins to form, this tissue will loosen and there will be bleeding. Healthy gums attach to the tooth just 1 to 3 millimetres below the gum-line. These can fill with plaque in disease, worsening problems and causing symptoms like bad breath and bleeding. In this scenario teeth will be cleaned with Ultrasonic scalers or Hand Scalers to remove the plaque and return the tissue to normal health.

Teeth Bleaching

Fluorosis or Tetracycline stains are intrinsic stains and cannot be easily removed in such scenario we use certain chemicals to remove these stains in children this is called Tooth bleaching


Various types of Crowns/ and caps are available for restoring primary teeth like, Stainless Steel, Veneered crowns, Polycarbonate Crowns, Strip Crowns, Zirconia/Ceramic Crowns. These crowns are used to restore Teeth with Multi surface Caries, Pulp Therapy Treated teeth and for cosmetic purposes.


Some orthodontic treatments are to be done in growing children only like crossbite correction, Chin Cup, Head cap, Arch Expansion all these treatments are rendered in our clinic.

Tooth Removal/Extraction

The term refers to the painless removal of a tooth or tooth roots with minimum trauma to the surrounding tissues so that the extraction socket wound heals uneventfully and without any post-operative complications. Unfortunately when the tooth is destroyed beyond repair or over retained it may need extraction.

Space Maintainers

When the Milk teeth are lost early before the eruption of Permanent successors, then an appliance called space maintainer is given to maintain the space for erupting Permanent teeth otherwise the space gets closed and there will be no space for eruption of permanent teeth and may lead to malocclusion as well.

Frenectomy/Tongue Tie Treatment

Abnormally high frenum may sometimes cause malocclusion (Midline Diastima) or if present in region of tongue it may cause impaired speech development in such scenario we surgically remove the frenum to facilitate respective correction.

Surgical exposure of unerupted teeth

When the Replacement permanent teeth does not erupt on time and thick fibrous soft tissue is obstructing their eruption then surgically that soft tissue is removed to facilitate eruption of Permanent teeth.

Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentistry for children

Growing awareness on dentistry is causing even children to be aware of their smile. We design smiles of children by Zirconia crowns, Strip crowns, Polycarbonate crowns, Bleaching, Etc. This prevents children from being bullied in school and gives self confidence about themselves.

Teeth Trauma

Falls and Accidents cause injury to teeth including complete loss of teeth and supporting bone. We provide splinting, cap splinting and re-implantation services.

Topical Fluorides

Professionally administered topical fluorides such as foams, gels or varnishes are applied by a dentist and left on for a few minutes, usually during a cleaning treatment to prevent cavities from occurring. For patients with a high risk of cavities, the dentist may prescribe a special gel or toothpaste for daily home use.

Pit & fissure Sealants/Dental Sealant

Dental sealants (also termed pit and fissure sealants or simply fissure sealants) are a dental treatment intended to prevent tooth decay. Dental sealants are mainly used in children who are at higher risk of tooth decay, and are usually placed as soon as the adult molar teeth come through.

Managing Special Children

Special children means children who are mentally retarded, Autistic, Cerebral Palsy, Children with medical conditions like Heart Disease, Epilepsy, Blood Disorders, Renal Diseases, Cancer, etc. These children have special set of treatment needs; we specialize in providing these services.

Conscious Sedation and General Anaesthesia

When children cannot be managed conventionally especially very young children, Special Children, Apprehensive children who require Extensive Dental Treatment, then we have services to treat them under either Conscious Sedation or General Anaesthesia depending on the need.